Blakaz – komor

music electronic from Comoros

M’Madi Mwégné, like Loya, was born in the Indian Ocean. Both grew up tinkering with their toys from an early age, and later taught themselves to play music. Madi Mogné makes most of her instruments from recycled materials, while Loya makes some of his own electronic instruments and software. With the Blakaz Komor project, the two musicians revisit the traditional music of the Comoros, performing it with their homemade instruments. It’s sure to be an innovative sonic voyage across the Indian Ocean!

A note of intent

The Comoros, originally populated by the Swahili peoples of Bantue culture, are closely linked to Madagascar. Traditional music has its roots in these cultures, but also in the Muslim religion which is in the majority in this archipelago. Loya will study the different musical practices through various encounters and will draw inspiration from them to compose the music of her creation using electronic music instruments. M’Madi Mwegne will write texts inspired by Loya’s compositions and will integrate her instruments to create an acoustic sound.

The show will be a mix of song and poetry and traditional music, accompanied by Loya on electronic machines.